About the project

Evgeny Mironov, artistic director of the Theatre of Nations: “Creation of the New Space is yet another important step in the development of the Theatre of Nations. In the very heart of the city, in a close proximity to so many other museums and theatres, such a powerful place was bound to have appeared for the people addicted to art in all its diversity. I hope that our new home is about to become a revelation for our guests and will impress them in the most unexpected way.”

Vera Martynov, curator of New Space. Theatre of Nations: “An invitation from Evgeny Mironov to make a program for this new place came all of a sudden, but I immediately proposed to create an interdisciplinary space, because I believe that there are no frames or boundaries between different kinds of art. Interdisciplinarity is a basis for theatre itself, it’s a skill to work on any type of territory. All arts interact with each other, nourish or destroy each other. To my mind, it’s absolutely natural for a living organism and art is definitely the case.

We tried to make an interdisciplinary program for the New Space. It’s not a new stage or a music hall, neither a dance class nor a rehearsal venue, not a gallery or a lyceum, not an architectural workshop and not a design studio, but all of it together”.